Monday, October 7, 2013

The gays are in town.

Somehow we randomly chose to go to Ptown during the week of Carnival, when no one wears pants and all the boys flaunt their junk in every direction. Naturally it's every lesbian's worst nightmare. :) 

We held it together and stayed strong!


If I ever get married I want these guys doing the ceremony!

Work it, girls!

My first night in town I got yelled at by the bad advice guy. He was terrifying. 

This year's theme was Vegas.

Pretty sure these cherries have already been popped. (BOOM!)

I just don't know...

Couldn't resist shaking these dice.

Well helllllooooooooooo....

I lost most of my hearing because of these two awesome guys. I've never heard squealing so high pitched!

Hey girl, heeeeey!

And this happened...

But this queen is my favorite:  


Back at the bunny boy ranch...

Bed head.

Truer words hath not been spoken.

She liked me!