Monday, October 7, 2013

The gays are in town.

Somehow we randomly chose to go to Ptown during the week of Carnival, when no one wears pants and all the boys flaunt their junk in every direction. Naturally it's every lesbian's worst nightmare. :) 

We held it together and stayed strong!


If I ever get married I want these guys doing the ceremony!

Work it, girls!

My first night in town I got yelled at by the bad advice guy. He was terrifying. 

This year's theme was Vegas.

Pretty sure these cherries have already been popped. (BOOM!)

I just don't know...

Couldn't resist shaking these dice.

Well helllllooooooooooo....

I lost most of my hearing because of these two awesome guys. I've never heard squealing so high pitched!

Hey girl, heeeeey!

And this happened...

But this queen is my favorite:  


Back at the bunny boy ranch...

Bed head.

Truer words hath not been spoken.

She liked me!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ptown 2013 with the girls

You know your trip is going well when:

1.) 30 minutes into your trip you blow a tire out on the highway.
2.) AAA does not show up.
3.) The girl with the broken rib changes a tire as you take pics.
4.) You forgot to pee before taking off.
5.) When you finally change the tire with the broken ribbed friend, you realize you're covered entirely in grease, an hour later you arrive at Brie's, then find out her dog starts pretending he can't walk, there is no vet in town that can see him in two start to think maybe this trip is DOOMED...

Turns out all those things worked themselves out. We finally arrive in Ptown to quickly realize that we doubled the number of lesbians in town. (Side note: Where are all the lesbians??? Perhaps Carnival week is not when they flock to town???)

We stayed across the street from this marsh.

I spent a lot of time there with my for-really-reals camera! 

For Claire's birthday we went on a sunset whale watching tour.

That's her girl!

They do strange things in public. Nuff said.

Magic hour light...sighhhhh.

This is the part of the post where I start really trying hard to figure out what to write. It's sunset. Self explanatory, no? 

Whales are a pain in the ass because they don't always make their tails visible. That was surprising to this impatient photog. 

Sometimes they get dangerously close to boats. 

And then it's all over and it's time to nap on the way back.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grand Manan: Dark Harbour

A few days into our trip we woke up to sunshine and a thick, steamy heat. As you can probably assume from most of my photos, sunshine doesn't happen very often. Super hot days are so rare that Jane's family marked dates on their cabin walls to record the few times the temperature hovered above 90.  


Jane wanted to show us Dark Harbour to take advantage of beautiful light this day had to offer. That side of the island rarely experiences full sunshine, or when it does it is short-lived. I was intrigued just by the name; Dark Harbour sounded sinister, like maybe it belonged to a medieval time. The sky was that perfect shade of blue. There weren't any clouds with the exception of one tiny puff hovering above the shored dories.

Dark Harbour appeared to have a rich but difficult past. Broken stairs lead to no where. Homemade wooden jungle gyms became weathered with many storms and passing tides.          

This is the best jungle gym ever. 

Fishermen left their debris behind to rust. Everything seemed abandoned and falling to disrepair. 

Time stood still and it seemed like we were the only humans inhabiting this quiet, eerie place. There were no sounds other than the crunches of our feet on rocks.

Within a few short minutes of shooting, the fog rolled in making everything look much creepier.

This was one of the strangest places I've ever seen. What happened at Dark Harbour? Where were the humans? Why does it look like the Gallows?

This place was so moody. One minute it was gorgeous, the next brooding and gray. 

Fishing weirs, like the one above, dot the coastline of Grand Manan. 

I want to know the stories of this place.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Grand Manan: Attack of the Lupines

Lupines should come with a warning sign. You will need to stop the car and photograph them wherever they are. And in Grand Manan they are ere'where! 

My macro lens bit the dust in the Long Island Sound. I'm quite pleased with its replacement.

Lupine. /loo-pin/

Even the half dead lupines look pretty.

And sometimes you don't want blur, but it ends up looking nice anyway. I'll take it.

This is an actual school house. 

This plant is a member of the legume family. 

The peas that it creates were fit for wolf consumption, hence the name.