Saturday, December 20, 2008


Winter has finally come to CT!

Day 1!

We were so excited by the snow that we thought it was an awesome idea to shovel!

Day 2 of our big winter storm!

Work it Sara!

Sara tosses the snow but it blows back!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Save the Children

Two of my Malawi photos were used on the web site today.

I have a small photo on their front page and another in the article about Dana and Billy and the school their wedding funded.

Sara just taught me how to do this...I tried to make a web page into a jpg, which is no easy feat when you have no clue about this stuff.

Here is part of the article.

Please read the full article at:

Monday, November 17, 2008

More marriage equality pics

As promised...

Protesters in front of New Haven City Hall.

Not to detract from the seriousness of these photos, but Sara's butt is back by popular demand.

This is the emcee from the Answer Coalition.

Attack of the H8 spoon! Dana's mini sign on a sauce spoon will forever go down in history.

If only "mainstream" America got this idea.
A camera guy came up to Tiff, Sara, Dana and I and asked if any of us would answer some questions. As a former part of the media, I fear it. Tiff, Sara and I ran away. I turn to stuttering goo when film crews are around. Dana answered with confidence and what seemed to be a prepared statement for wfsb3 as a cute kid uses a chain as a swing. =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The people united will never be defeated

Across the world yesterday at 1:30 Eastern Time protesters hit the streets to rally against California's heinous, unconstitutional Proposition 8. was the organizer of this multinational event.

These photos are part of New Haven, Connecticut's story. I will try to upload my additional pictures for the next couple of days.

We guess 400 to 500 people, all toting swanky signs, descended at New Haven City Hall.

Sara (top) makes her second appearance at a protest.

The woman carrying this sign served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

These ladies organized the New Haven contingent for Join the Impact. They're Yale Law School students.

I love this sign!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The road less traveled

Sara and I went leaf peeping this past weekend in the town of Guilford, VT. The bed and breakfast we stayed at couldn't have been in a more picturesque locale. Our room's balcony faced the rapidly flowing Green River, the front faced an old church and red covered bridge near a gorgeous man made waterfall. Classic Vermont.

Sometimes Sara just feels the need to spontaneously bust out in interpretive dance.

And sometimes I like to hang out in dark bridges.

I like this one of trees reflected on the water. I don't know if it works. But I like it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you Connecticut!

In an historic decision Friday, the CT Supreme Court decided that it will not discriminate against the gay community any longer. Gays now have the right to marry. The court said civil unions did not offer enough protection. Connecticut is now the third state to legalize gay marriage, behind Massachusetts and California. So far the world hasn't gone to hell because of these rulings. What a shock.

Here are some photos from the rally Friday night.

Sara's first big gay rally! Lately she's been the poster child of equality. She is even from the Equality State!

This crowd was amazing. It was young and old people, gay couples with children, and supportive parents of gays. When I saw the sign that said "Proud Mom" I lost it.

The media frenzy...

For those of you CT residents who know and love us, please consider this when you get to the polls Nov. 4th. Regardless of who you vote for this election, PLEASE VOTE "NO" on the Constitutional Convention. Our future may depend on it...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gay marriage for CT!

In honor of today's ruling, here's my favorite picture of Sara and I. Sara is the one girl who has made me the happiest I could ever be. Did I say EVA? Eva. For realz. Sara is kind, compassionate, loving, encouraging and everything I could ever ask for in a partner/ girlfriend/ other half. And now our state has no other option but take us seriously in the future as we grow old together. See you at the rally!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Africa revisited...

Billy Lehman and Dana Goodyear have created a website of their trip to Africa to portray the people they wish to help. As you may know, my cousin Stephanie and I joined on their delegation to Malawi. Dana and Billy raised enough money from their wedding to build an entire school in Malawi. After visiting the site of the new school they realized this school will have no books. This energized them back into action to fund a library for the Rummy Goodyear School. The school is set to open before Christmas this year!

Billy makes some bricks out of mud.

If you are interested in learning more about their project, seeing pictures of the Malawi people, please check out:

They are trying to raise $15,000 more dollars to build this library. It is all explained in their letter.

And make sure you watch this video to catch a small glimpse of the hope and beauty these people possess.

The song will stay with you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

To my Connecticut Peeps!

It's that time again when and I go to some town in CT to sell our stuff. This weekend we'll be at the Milford Green, 10-5 both Saturday & Sunday, as part of the Meet the Artists and Artisans. It was ranked one of the top 100 craft shows in the COUNTRY!

You'll see some of my recent works including the following masterpieces...

What is not shown is all the hiking Sara and I had to do to get to these beautiful points. Poor asthmatic Sara was carrying the 20 pound tripod of doom up a 1/4 mile set of stairs.

Please come and support local art!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More rocks out west

Sometimes when you are "out west" you find yourself driving down the windy hills, you're enjoying the gorgeous scenery when suddenly the car in front of you comes to a halt. You wonder why.

Could that be?

No. My eyes must be tired.

It's just not normal.

Is it a mirage?

Did that donkey just stick its' head in that guy's car??

This pack of free roaming donkeys took up shop in the middle of the road.

Sometimes you need a little help from a friend to get to that hard to reach spot.

This looks like a really touching moment, and I don't mean to ruin it for you, donkeys are lovely creatures, but this guy on the right is actually pushing the other one out of his way.

This rock structure here is part of The Needles Highway. The coolest highway ever! We got to drive through rock tunnels and climb on these babies.

Lauren and the needles.

Mama Warfield catches the photo bug and Sara strikes a pose.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wyoming & South Dakota continued...

My fellow people of these United States of America,

Here are some more photos from our little trip out west.

I don't remember if this was Wyoming or South Dakota, but you have to admire a place that has a bank called "bank." The skull on the building is just a nice little added western personal touch. With the way interest rates are and all that jazz with mortgage problems, I'm surprised more banks don't have skulls on them. It would be more honest.

Anyhoo, moving on. Next stop is the unfinished Crazy Horse sculpture in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

You may recall a man named Crazy Horse from your American History classes. I won't get into the whole story but it ends with this man dead from a bayonet to the back.

Above is the sculptor's model of what is to come on the mountain.

Model and actual mountain carving side by side. The model scale is 34:1.

Above is the view from inside the museum.

I was just working on my silhouetting skills.
That little hole in the rock you see is 9 stories high.

We like to pose in front of things.

Stay tuned, there is more to come.