Monday, March 23, 2009

Sara's dark side...(Who is She??)

I was a little suspicious when I passed by Sara and she was glued to the laptop while Beyonce's "Single ladies (Put a Ring on It)" was blaring out of our crappy speakers. Sara hates that song when it's on the radio. I enjoy it because it's so terrible. Tonight Sara was engrossed by the song. I crept up behind her to see what my sweet Sara was watching...

And it was this...

So now I am intrigued and attempting to learn the dance to make Sara laugh. If she's even she will post some photos of me trying "Soulja Boy." Anything can happen here in NoHa.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Key West photo adventure

We're back from drunken tourist land. I got my camera to take non circular pictures with my souped up heavy lens. Here are some photos from our trip.

Witness the nightly ritual of the sundown celebration. People actually gather at the square to clap as the sun goes down. It makes me think we should be celebrating every sundown. Why does this only happen in Key West?

I love this photo. I love green. I am not sure that I love borscht.

Sometimes you just need to air out the armpits.

When I retire in about 5 years, I want to live somewhere where it is warm and safe to bike.
If we were to ride bikes here in good ole' North Haven I am sure we'd get hit by one of the silver foxes cruising by in her caddy.

Gay guys keep nice homes.

We got a little crazy setting up my new super camera on self timer for some synchronized sipping.

Only in Key West will a restaurant have an outdoor shower not too far away from people eating.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nikon D700...What the hell?!?!?!

So my fancypants new camera can practically carry itself and take pictures and convert them to Chinese documents that can can make itself a virtual can record video somehow..and it can put several photos on top of one another to create a new photo...but when I tried out my new camera on my first day of owning it, the results were a bit confusing.

Please see the below sock monkeys. (I got these awesome monkeys in a trade with Diana from Check her out.)

The confusing part wasn't that a bunch of sock monkeys took up house on our stairs. That's pretty normal in our household. The confusing part is that every damn picture I take with my 17-50mm lens is now fisheye-esque. That black vignetting should not be there. I looked at my Nikon manual, which is about 5 million pages long, and found that vignetting is a common problem with the new fancypants camera. What the hell? So I go through the modes and turn vignetting off. Still all pictures look like this. I called Nikon and I honestly told them the lens is not Nikon, so they say we can't help you, you should be only using overpriced, overweight Nikon lenses. Call Tamron. I haven't called Tamron yet because I hate talking to customer service people who don't want to help and I fear they will just tell me to call Nikon. The sad part is that this used to be my favorite lens. Now it's practically unusable. Unless you are into circular photos, and I'm over that.