Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Winsted Olympics

Dear Blog, I am sorry for neglecting you much of the days. I had a grand plan of posting every day...but.... It's just that life has been pretty dull lately and I haven't wanted to pick up my camera too much. Plus, the Olympics have sort of hypnotized me and taken all my free time. You all know I am not a great lover of sports, and really just watch because I like their little costumes, but for the first time I have actually started to like to watch all this sportiness.

This weekend I brought my unloved camera up to the lake house because we had a special visitor in town. In honor of the Olympics, Rachel and my little water baby decided to get all sporty. Please note the degree of difficulty of the jumps, the form and the synchronization between the two.

This is Sara and Rachel's first time being part of a team. There was a great amount of difficulty timing the throw and the jump.

Sara reaches for the frisbee with Olympic type form, but does not get the gold.

Rachel throws the perfect ball and Sara delivers an excellent performance.

Let's move on to synchro diving! Look out CHINA!

While I can't say they mastered the whole "synchronization" part of this, they definitely gave me some good laughs!

It's really the effort that counted. =)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

new haven to nyc

My latest mission has been to take my camera with me places. And that sounds easy enough, but my camera weighs as much as I do. I think there are rocks inside it. I had grand plans to take great shots all over New York City. I was drooling at the thought of Brooklyn Bridge silhouettes and street shots of 80s hipsters in skinny jeans. At least that was my intention. But once in Manhattan I was so overwhelmed by everything the camera never left the apartment. Fear not, the camera had lots of experiences on its way to the Big Apple.

We started our trip from Union Station in New Haven. You have to walk through this time warp tunnel to get to the platform.

It looked like a little storm was coming into town as Sara scratched her head. Oddly enough, the weather guy said there was only a 30% chance of rain. That seems to be his favorite percentage these days. It turns out that 30% is another phrase for IMPENDING DOOM.

My model was getting a little annoyed with the frantic picture taking.
But once she saw this shot she thought she was hot.

All was well...until...

Boom! New Haven got struck by lightning just before we decided to hurl though space and time in a big hunk of metal train.

New Haven cried because we were leaving her for another city.

Friday, August 1, 2008

put your rump on a stump!

so sara has been a little on the grumpy side lately. while she wasn't one step away from the roof jump, she was definitely in need of something fun. when we got home from work today we decided to go on a somewhere we've never been before.

we landed at the place. yes, that's the name of the restaurant in guilford. it's an outdoor kind of establishment where you sit on stumps and eat fabulous greasy grilled food.

it's a slice of cape cod, right here in connecticut.
nirvana was playing in the distance as smoke blew over our impromptu stump table.
while we munched on greasy food they decorated our table with fresh flowers in wine bottle vases.

i became a little obsessed with shooting the flowers. sara at this point was not cooperating as a good model.

she was too busy putting her rump on the stump!

ah, the rump, back by popular demand. =)

We ate and ate...and then my dear girlfriend got goofy.

there was a lot of winking going on.

fini. the end. a good friday night.