Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ptown 2013 with the girls

You know your trip is going well when:

1.) 30 minutes into your trip you blow a tire out on the highway.
2.) AAA does not show up.
3.) The girl with the broken rib changes a tire as you take pics.
4.) You forgot to pee before taking off.
5.) When you finally change the tire with the broken ribbed friend, you realize you're covered entirely in grease, an hour later you arrive at Brie's, then find out her dog starts pretending he can't walk, there is no vet in town that can see him in two start to think maybe this trip is DOOMED...

Turns out all those things worked themselves out. We finally arrive in Ptown to quickly realize that we doubled the number of lesbians in town. (Side note: Where are all the lesbians??? Perhaps Carnival week is not when they flock to town???)

We stayed across the street from this marsh.

I spent a lot of time there with my for-really-reals camera! 

For Claire's birthday we went on a sunset whale watching tour.

That's her girl!

They do strange things in public. Nuff said.

Magic hour light...sighhhhh.

This is the part of the post where I start really trying hard to figure out what to write. It's sunset. Self explanatory, no? 

Whales are a pain in the ass because they don't always make their tails visible. That was surprising to this impatient photog. 

Sometimes they get dangerously close to boats. 

And then it's all over and it's time to nap on the way back.


Claire Litersky said...

Nothing will stop a girl with a broken rib when it comes to vacation with my favorite girls. It was filled with falls, adventures, yummy food, a lot of laughs and naps...yeah naps... a birthday I won't forget. Hmmmm WHAT will next year bring....

Brianna Savoie said...

A lot more shenanigans will happen next year for sure. Love these girls!! Can't wait for our next adventure

Lauren said...

Maybe we don't use bikes with toe clips next year, eh? =) I do miss all the napping...Sigh.